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We are Malaysia’s leading premier Aesthetic and Wellness Centre that serves a variety of scientific and nature-inspired treatments.
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Personalized Treatments

We make your aesthetic goals our top priority. Therefore, we’ll take the time to get to know your unique concerns, safety and desires. Then, we’ll design personalized treatment plans that will address them effectively.

Tranquil, Soothing Environment

From the moment you step foot into our medical spa, you’ll feel at ease. We’ve designed our interior with one goal in mind: To give you the chance to relax, unwind, and forget about the stressors of daily life.

Long List of Service Offerings

ME Signature offers a comprehensive menu of services to meet the needs of all of our clients. From facial and laser treatments to hair removal, body treatments, massages, manicures, and pedicures, we have you covered.

Our Customer’s Top Choices

Eye Rebirth Treatment

Energy Refreshing Facials

Body Treatment

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Aesthetic and Wellness Treatments

Signature Wellness Retreats, holistic healing rituals and personalized programmes for skin and body rejuvenation, balancing and detoxification.

Our Clients Testimonials

Just did Laser treatment, it helps to even my dull skin tone by giving and instatnt glow to my skin!
Ms JenniBangsar
Excellent services and friendly staff! Nice treatment and professional, Well done!
Ms Siew Lian,Kuala Lumpur
Satisfied with treatment results, highly recommended!
Ms JoyceKuala Lumpur
I have done laser treatment for few times, results is good and my skin getting better, pores got
smaller and freckles lighten!
Ms MandyKuala Lumpur
Their staffs are super friendly and nice, Good services, very accomodating to customers and clients.
Their facial is really good, would recommend!
Ms FarhaniAmpang
Just did power lifting facial, non-invasive treatment. So far the result is good. Looking forward to my
next treatment
Ms Pei ThinKuala Lumpur

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